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The IDENTI-SQUAD bottle band aims to improve hygiene in team sports. It is a fabric-elasticised band, which fits around each player's water bottle. It also has strips of silicone applied to the inside of the band to provide increased grip to the bottle. The bands are printed with a squad number to identify the bottles from one another. In this day and age there is greater emphasis on improving hygiene and reducing cross contamination, and by identifying each player's water bottle, the IDENTI-SQUAD bottle band helps to eliminate cross contamination.

If you can imagine the scenario; David hasn't been able to go to school for a few days due to a stomach virus, but as he has felt a bit better towards the end of the week, he decides he can play football at the weekend. At half time he takes a big gulp from a bottle, which is subsequently passed to a number of his teammates, who also drink from the bottle.

Identi squad silicone application

During the following week, a number of those players who drank from the same bottle, are unable to attend school. Consequently, most are too ill to play football at the weekend. Leaving the manager struggling to select a team for an important 'top of the table' clash.


FULL SQUAD SET No.1-17 (exc.13) .. 10.99 MINI SOCCER SET No.1-10 ... 8.99